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Welcome to the official blog of Entrepreneurial Design, a course from the School of Visual Arts’ MFA in Interaction Design program taught by Christina Cacioppo and Gary Chou.

The purpose of Entrepreneurial Design is to provide a time and space for students to think broadly about what they aspire to create and how they will do so.

The course will focus on three things:

1. Understanding the current context in which we live.
2. Developing and sharing your opinions.
3. Augmenting an interaction designer’s toolset.

All three areas are relevant whether a student’s end goal is to be an Etsy seller or a founder of a tech startup; whether they plan to raise money from venture capitalists or Kickstarter’s community; whether they want to have social, cultural, or economic impact – or all three; and whether that impact’s scope is global or local.

Check out the class syllabus and the assignments. We’re using SoundCloud to record talks by our guest speakers and will be posting many on this blog.

One of the more exciting aspects of the course are the students themselves. They’re designers with backgrounds as graphic designers, technologists, architects, artists, scientists, and musicians. More are female than male. Most have perspectives that are informed by cultures outside of the US.

This course is an experience and a journey, and as instructors, we are excited to see where the students take us.

This semester, Christina and I are teaching a course at SVA. While the course is highly informed by the work we do at USV, we don’t assume your goal is to build a tech startup and so we’ve designed it to be more broadly relevant.

We’ve also designed the course to be as open as possible. The syllabus, and class assignments are all available online. We’ll be blogging about the classes and posting recordings of many if not all of the guest speakers. The students will be sharing their work online as well, so if you’re so inclined, follow along with us over on our class blog.

Here’s to an excellent semester!

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