My friend JP Chan is the MTA’s videographer and is the person behind all of the MTA’s videos on YouTube.

Thanks to JP and the transparency of the MTA, we’ve been able to see first-hand the extensive preparations the MTA put in place prior to the storm, as well as the magnitude of the damage and flooding (seen in the video above) incurred by Sandy. It’s really amazing to watch, and I hope it leads more public services to embrace transparency. It’s also been nice to see him get a mention in Buzzfeed.

JP’s been burning the candle from both ends. By night he’s an independent filmmaker. His latest project is on Kickstarter and he’s six days away from hitting his goal of raising $30k.

Obviously, this is a time of crisis, and there are a lot of places that need your resources, money, and help. But if you have a little more to give and want to thank JP for the work he’s done, I’m sure he would appreciate it. Running a Kickstarter project can be an incredibly emotionally draining experience, and under the circumstances I’m sure it’s been a crazy few weeks for him.

  1. kirklove said: Movie looks great. Here’s to hoping it meets its goal.
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