Hurricane Sandy did a number on New York. While much of the city is returning to normal life, parts of the city are devastated.

At Kitchensurfing, we had an interesting week. But the best part of the week was being inspired by the chefs in our community. We got a call on Thursday from chefs that were headed to the Rockaways to prepare hot food for those in need. We sponsored them and we were shocked to hear the return report. We’ve decided to use our skills to help support our chefs that want to help.

Support Chefs for Sandy

In several communities around New York, people still don’t have power, and many are homeless. There’s emergency relief in place and it is not enough.

A hot meal is humanizing in a way that little else can be. There’s looting, people are afraid, it’s cold, and this week is bringing more bad weather. Kitchensurfing stands for a kind of grassroots hospitality and a belief that breaking bread with someone can right many wrongs. We’re jumping in to help with things that the internet is good at: connecting people together to share and pool resources.


  1. We’re looking for supporters to make small financial contributions towards food costs as our chefs work the kitchens.
  2. We have Kitchensurfing chefs donating their time and skills prepping hot dishes for hard hit areas.
  3. We’ve fronted the cost of transportation to shuttle hot food. We’re going to be partnering with others to shuttle.
  4. We’re subsidizing the ingredients cost for these chefs
  5. We’ve got multiple commissaries that are donating their space for our chefs to come and cook together

Support Chefs for Sandy

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