If you or someone you love is Asian

My friend Karin Chien is asking friends to consider signing up to be a potential stem cell donor. Stem cell transplants are used to save the lives of those with aggressive cancer. Karin’s twin-sister Ginny has advanced lymph cancer, and they are searching for a stem cell match for her. (Sadly, Karin is not a genetic match for her sister, as they are fraternal twins.)

The best match will be a Chinese person between 18-45 years old. Most registered donors are European, which puts Asian patients at a disadvantage.

It’s simple to sign up. You fill out a form online, and you receive a kit in the mail. Once you sign up, you must be willing to donate. It’s a commitment, but it’s also the opportunity to save someone’s life.

I am registered, and I’d like to invite you all to join me: http://marrow.org/Join/Join_Now/Join_Now.aspx

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    I’m already on the donor registry, but please pass this forward. SIGNAL BOOST.
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    Karin is one of the best people on the planet. Please read and share.
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