Looking to acquire a domain?

I just tweeted about this, but I wanted to elaborate a bit on the “why”. A few weeks ago, I hired Rob Sequin to broker the purchase of a domain from an existing owner. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it work because the owner was unresponsive, and so I’ve moved on to my second choice. But I enjoyed working with Rob and wanted to recommend him to others. My favorite part about Rob’s service is the way he structures his pricing. It ensures that his and his client’s interests are aligned, which takes the stress out of relationship. Here’s Rob’s description from his website:

There are no fees due unless I can purchase the target domain name for you. My commission is HALF the difference between the actual purchase price and the maximum purchase price agreed to in the contract. For example, if the client wants to pay no more than $5000 for a target domain and I can broker a deal to buy it for $2000, then the client pays the $2000 actual purchase price plus HALF the difference of the $3000 spread. In this scenario, the client agreed to pay a maximum of $5000 but only has to pay $3500 ($2000 purchase price plus 50% of $3000 difference which is $1500).
One of the interesting things about Internet startups is the potential to invent new ways of doing business where everyone’s interests are aligned. It’s nice to see similarly thoughtful approaches in our analog relationships as well. Here’s the full rundown on Rob’s website. If you’re looking to acquire a domain, perhaps he may be able to help you.
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